Introducing The New Standard For Electric SEDAN

The Triton Model N4 SEDAN is designed to thrill the senses. With unparalleled power, luxury, and seating capacity, the Model N4 is the electric SEDAN of choice for discerning vehicle enthusiasts. 

Meet the Triton Model n4

SR 325 MILES/523 KM. 75 KWH
LR 430 MILES/696 KM. 100 KWH

Incredible Range

Functional Design

When it comes to sedans, size does matter. The Model N4 can comfortably seat five adults in luxury while accommodating front and rear cargo.

Unmatched Power

The Model N4 comes with two individual powertrain – Front Wheel Drive & All Wheel Drive giving instantaneous power in your hands. The exterior aerodynamic design & air suspension lift allows you to lift the vehicle to a desired height.

sunroof features

The Model N4 has a panoramic sunroof with an in-built transparent solar cell capable of powering on board system as well as charging the battery.

Infotainment system

A state-of-the-art high fidelity infotainment system with multi touch screen display brings the power of internet on your screen.